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The Mutual Fund industry‘s Avg. AUM surged by 2.78%, reaching ₹58.59 Lakh crore in May.

The average AUM of Equity Oriented Schemes increased by 3.5% to ₹25.07 lakh crore.

Net inflows in equity mutual funds in May are the highest on record since April 2019, when AMFI started reporting monthly mutual fund flows in the current format.

Sectoral/Thematic fund inflows hit a record ₹19.21K crore, driven by NFOs like the HDFC Manufacturing Fund, which garnered ₹9.56K crore.

Hybrid schemes experienced a dip of 9% in net inflows to ₹17.99K crore.

The average AUM of Debt Funds rose by 1.41% to ₹15.03 lakh crore in May.

Funds have flowed into categories with a duration profile of less than a year amid potential volatility due to the ongoing general elections and uncertainty surrounding the interest rate cycle.

Investment via SIPs reached an all-time high of ₹20,904 crore in May!

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