Several wealthy families form their own privately held companies as Family Offices to grow their existing wealth. Such Family Offices invest in several wealth products to achieve their goals. Like large treasuries the Trusts, HNIs and Salaried professionals these days are also very well versed with time value of money and desire to earn compounded interest on their existing corpus to achieve their monetary goals

Mata Securities understands your needs of Wealth Management and distributes products like Equity Mutual Funds, Portfolio Management Services, Alternative Investment Funds, Corporate Fixed Deposits, Tax Free bonds, Corporatebonds and various other innovative financial products which have the potential to plan your investment goals. 

Along with distribution, Mata also provides following services to all the subscribers of its wealth products:

  • Provide a regular update on the portfolio’s performance.
  • Arrange for need based communication between product managers and investors.
  • Provide support in the entire transactional process