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The data released by AMFI for June 2022 month shows that Mutual Fund industry‘s Avg. AUM decreased by 1.04% to ₹36.98Lakh Crs in June with net outflow of ₹69.85 K Crs. The fall in AUM was due to correction in equity markets and outflows in debt schemes.

The Quarterly Average AUM for the quarter April-June,22 of the Mutual fund industry also decreased by 1.65% to ₹37.45 Lakh Crs. compared to ₹38.37 Lakh Crs in the previous quarter of Jan-Mar,22.

Equity oriented schemes witnessed inflow for the 16th consecutive month. However, equity inflows fell by 16.36% sequentially as rising inflation, geopolitical turmoil, and sell-off by FPI hit investors’ sentiment.

The Hybrid schemes witnessed net outflow of ₹2.27K Crs primarily from the Arbitrage fund category.

Average AUM of Debt Funds in June decreased by 1.04% to ₹13.48 Lakh Crs with the outflow of ₹92.72K Crs as compared to outflow of ₹32.72K Crs in the previous month. This is due to a combination of quarter-end withdrawals by institutional and corporate investors for advance tax payments, and mark-to-market impact on debt schemes from rising interest rates.

The SIP contribution dipped marginally over the last month to ₹12,276 Crs in June.

SBI Mutual Fund continued to enjoy the top slot for the 10th consecutive quarter in June.

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