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Overall Mutual Fund Industry Growth: Steady Increment of 1.97% in average AUM to reach an impressive ₹48.74 Lakh Crs with new inflow of ₹25.61K Crs in November.

Equity Fund Inflows: Inflow dipped by 22% to ₹15.54k Crs in November compared to October month with positive inflows across all equity fund categories, including hybrid schemes.

Equity Investment Trends: Small Cap and Mid Cap funds are stealing the spotlight with a whopping ₹3,699 Crs pouring into Small Cap funds and ₹2,666 Crs finding its way into Mid-Cap investments.

SIP Contribution: Record-setting SIP inflows at ₹17,073 Crs for the month of November.

Debt Fund Market Outflows: The Debt segment experienced a significant shift in November as debt mutual funds saw net outflows of ₹4,707 Crs. This marked a notable contrast to the ₹42,634 Crs net inflows witnessed in October.

Corporate Bond and Ultra Short Duration Fund Outflows: Corporate bond funds witnessed net outflows of ₹1,578 Crs, while ultra-short duration funds experienced net selling of ₹1,866 Crs.

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