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The average AUM has seen an uptick of 1.43%, settling at ₹46.94 Lakh Crs. This growth has been largely driven by significant inflows into equity mutual funds.

Equity schemes have witnessed a substantial rise with inflows increasing by 165%.

Hybrid category reported a net inflow of ₹17.08k Crs. Notably, Arbitrage funds stood out with an impressive ₹9.48k Crs.

Passive funds experienced a remarkable inflow of ₹4.54k Crs, a significant leap from ₹860 Crs the previous month.

The Debt category showed a net outflow of ₹25.87K Crs, predominantly due to liquid funds.

Lastly, SIP inflows have reached a record high, touching ₹15,814 Crs.

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