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The data released by AMFI for October 2022 month shows that Mutual Fund industry‘s Avg. AUM decreased by 0.87% mainly driven by drop in equity mutual funds inflows.

Increase in Avg. AUM of Equity Open ended schemes slows down by 0.2% to Rs. 26.04 Lakh Crs from previous month’s Rs.25.97 Lakh Crs.

The Hybrid schemes witnessed a net outflow for the 5th consecutive month primarily from the Arbitrage fund category. Index Funds and ETFs which includes both passive equity and debt schemes continued their good run.

Average AUM of Debt Funds in October decreased by 2.99% to Rs. 12.92 Lakh Crs. Liquid funds saw the highest net inflows of ₹19K Crs., largely a reversal from the previous month’s outflow of Rs.59.97K crs.

The SIP contribution surged to record high ₹13,041 Crs in October.

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