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The data released by AMFI shows that Mutual Fund industry‘s Avg. AUM decreased by 2.23% to INR 37.70 Lakh Crs in March 2022 with net outflow of INR 69.88K Crs, due to outflows in debt funds.

The Equity mutual funds saw 13th consecutive inflow for the month, the inflow in the month of March is INR 28.4K Crs. ; these were largely driven by NFOs and SIP flows.

Despite geopolitical uncertainty, spike in oil prices and consistent FPI outflows; investors kept their faith in Indian equities. Each of the specific categories of equity funds saw positive flows in the month of Mar-22 as investors looked to hunt for value amidst the fall.

Arbitrage funds was the only category amongst Hybrid schemes which witnessed outflow of INR 6.8K Crs due to expected increase in volatility in stock market.

The Debt mutual funds’ Average AUM in March decreased by 5.54% with the outflow of INR 1.14 Lakh Crs across all categories; this was driven by corporates withdrawing money for advance tax payments at the close of the financial year. Also, the likelihood of a further rise in bond yields led to outflows from some debt fund categories that invest in longer-term papers.

The SIP contribution rose to the highest ever INR12,328 Crs., up almost 8% from the previous month.

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