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Mutual Fund industry’s Avg. AUM increased by 0.88% to ₹55 Lakh Crs in March, despite a net outflow of ₹1.59 Lakh Crs.

Equity Oriented Schemes’ AUM rose by 1.2% to ₹23.20 Lakh Crs, continuing a 37-month streak of net inflows, despite a 16% drop in monthly inflows.

Hybrid scheme inflows declined by 69%, with Arbitrage funds being the exception.

Passive funds saw a 31% month-on-month increase in net inflows, with ETFs leading the way.

Debt Funds’ AUM decreased by 1.30% to ₹14.36 Lakh Crs, facing a net outflow of ₹1.98 Lakh Crs.

SIP inflows continue to hit an all time high, ₹19,271 Crs in March.

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