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The data released by AMFI for May 2022 month shows that Mutual Fund industry‘s Avg. AUM decreased by 3.91% to ₹37.37 Lakh Crs in May with net outflow of ₹7.5 K Crs. The fall in AUM was due to correction in equity markets and outflows in debt schemes.

Domestic markets witnessed intense volatility due to fear of rate hike by central banks and geopolitical tension.

The Avg. AUM of Equity Oriented Schemes reduced by 6% to ₹13.02  Lakh Crs with the net inflow of ₹18.52K Crs. The Equity mutual funds saw 15th consecutive inflow for the month.

Average AUM of Debt Funds in April decreased by 2.10% to ₹13.62 Lakh Crs with the outflow of ₹32.72K Crs against inflow of ₹54.75K Crs in the previous month.

With expectation of rise in interest rates, only Overnight funds and Liquid funds witnessed inflows as other debt funds faced heavy redemptions.

The SIP contribution jumped to ₹12,286 Crs in May  from ₹11,863 Crs in April.

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