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The data released by AMFI for April 2022 month shows that Mutual Fund industry‘s Avg. AUM increased by 3.15% to its all-time-high of INR 38.88 Lakh Crs in April 2022 with net inflow of INR 72.84K Crs.

All categories of Equity Open ended schemes witnessed positive flows.

The Equity mutual funds saw 14th consecutive inflow for the month, the inflow for the month was INR 15.89K Crs.

The volatility in the market and fear around macros both globally and locally; and consistent FII outflows; provided investors a good entry point into the equities.

The Debt mutual funds’ Average AUM in April increased by 0.95% with the inflow of INR 54.76K Crs; the inflow was led mainly by Liquid funds as the corporates brought their money back to the market in April (first month of the financial year) which was typically redeemed in the previous month March.

The SIP contribution dropped from its highest to INR 11.86K Crs.

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