1. Select a Trading Member

Once you have compared the services and benefits offered by different trading members, you can finalize the most suitable trading member for your needs.

2. Fill in the application form

You will need to fill out an application form for opening a new trading account. Along with this, you will need to submit a list of documents such as Identity Proof, Address Proof, PAN card, Bank details, segment details, your personal details, nomination details etc.

3. Verification process

You will be given a list of rules and regulations to ensure ethical and legal trading, and to clear any doubts you may have regarding holding a demat-cum-trading account and the different functions it serves. The trading member will conduct an in-person verification of you and your KYC documents.

4. Final approval

Once your documents are verified, and the final formalities are completed, your new trading account will be opened. You will also be given the Unique Client ID for your account.